Fitness Friday: How Old Are You, Really?


What does that mean? You might just have the body of a person half your age, or, eeek, twice your age. Professors studied the fitness levels of 4,637 men and women, ages 20 to 90, by getting them to run on a treadmill to the point of exhaustion. They built a database with the results and then developed a simple calculator anyone can use to determine their “fitness age.” This number represents the typical desirable fitness level of a person that age. So if you’re 40 and the calculator says your fitness age is 35, pat yourself on the back and keep striving to get younger.
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Retro Fitness acquires two Rapid Fitness centers

Michael Rattenni, owner of Rapid Fitness, sold two of his fitness centers to Retro Fitness

“This is an exciting time for the fitness industry as Cirrus’ new lines will shake up the category and introduce color and spirit to equipment for the first time ever,” said Kenny Dichter, Chairman, Cirrus Fitness. “These are ideal products for fans across the country, adding another way for them to express their love for their school. Personally, I love how my home gym now resembles the University of Wisconsin Badger’s varsity gym.” Cirrus Fitness has introduced two product lines Cirrus Performance Edition and Cirrus by Cybex. The Cirrus Performance Edition consists of exercise / yoga mats, stability balls and medicine balls for home, personal and professional use with additional products coming in 2014. The Cirrus by Cybex line is a collection of professional-grade fitness machines including treadmills, arc trainers, and upright bikes for exercise enthusiasts and top performing athletes.
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Cirrus Fitness Launches First-of-its-Kind Officially Branded Collegiate Fitness Equipment

Naturally, TGM operates the Rapid Fitness centers. Rattenni has been in the fitness industry since 1999 and moved to Raleigh from New York in 2007 but actually didnt have any plans of opening his own gyms. At the time he was happy simply managing fitness centers . But he didnt find a gym in the Triangle that he really liked, so decided to open one himself: Rapid Fitness. In addition, TGM also has a hospitality arm and operates Myst (formerly Krave), an upscale lounge in the Glenwood South area .
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